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Choppy/unresponsive Keyboard and Mouse Pointer Until Suspend

The way I temporarily solved the problems was to switch the keyboard and mouse back to the screen USB hub and restart the computer, after which the problem was gone. If anyone else should happen to run across a more elegant solution, however, they are welcome to give another answer. This is mostly just here for anyone who runs into the same problem and wants a quick fix.

Choppy/unresponsive Keyboard and Mouse Pointer Until Suspend 1

1. Your favorite keyboard for PlayStation 3 or I Pad?

I own a Logitech PlayStation 3 Cordless Media Board Pro. I definitely recommend this brand although the keys do not light

2. Why are the keys on the keyboard to the computer randomly placed?

They are not (believe it or not). The most used letters are in the middle. Example: How often do YOU use the letter "Q" or "Z, X"? Back in the day of manual typewriters, and even before electric typewriters, they had those little black typewriters. If you typed too fast the small arms would get caught in one another. Did u know that there are other key layouts? If the top L of YOUR keyboard reads "QWERTY" then u are using what is called a "QWERTY" keyboard setup. There's another style. Um, look that up in a Yahoo search (we can not put hyperlinks in Yahoo Answers"). : )

Choppy/unresponsive Keyboard and Mouse Pointer Until Suspend 2

3. Why are the letters on the keyboard arranged the way they are, and not alphabetically?

This has actually been covered extensively in the news recently. QWERTY was designed to be slower than an ideal layout in order to prevent collisions on typewriters. Better layouts have been devised, but have not been widely adopted.

4. how to clean my laptop? keyboard?

you can use alchol with a cloth and you can also use methalated spirits or you could just buy those computer swabs from a electronics store

5. My laptop keyboard is broken, can you help?

Have you tried using a USB Keyboard? I use one on my desktop computer. Also, if you can, make sure the laptop is turned off, and apply some pressure to the J. If you hear a click, it means that the key has snapped back into place. If that is unsuccessful, you will have to take the laptop to a repair shop. Personally, I would recommend a USB keyboard.

6. The keys on my keyboard stick when i type?

get a plastic cover and stop dropping stuff in the slots

7. does a computer keyboard have a circut card in it?

Many individuals have skilled this trouble. But this can be a trouble not more while you purchase... NEW Keyboard Extensions!!!! Depending at the width or your workspace, you will now acquire keyboard extensions with as much as one thousand million numbers AND the entire brand new letters of 2008! Update your keyboard NOW for best 9999999. ninety nine a month. Sign up in these days and obtain ninety nine% off your first nine numbers! (minumum order of 9999999999 numbers/letters at one time, numbers would possibly fluctuate, area to reputation, stipulations observe)

8. My monitor, keyboard, and mouse wont work.?

CHeck all your cables first to ensure they are attached properly at the back of your computer. Then ensure that you did not flip the on/off power switch at the back of your computer also located by where you plug in your power to the wall (the power supply unit on your computer). If these all check as on and are plugged in , then I fear that yes, your Power Supply Unit (PSU) has taken a dump for the worse. Try to turn on your system, do you hear any fans, do you hear the hard drive whirring and clicking ? If you hear nothing at all, then for sure your power supply is bad. You have a choice of either buying and installing a new power supply unit. You can do this yourself and power supplies cost about $ 40.00, so not too bad for a basic one. Or you can just go out and buy a new system which will cost you more, but maybe your old system is so old that it needs an upgrade anyhow.

9. Tips for getting latte or soda out of your keyboard?

Unplug the KB immediately. Use a thin instrument to gently but firmly start popping keys from numeric keypad and work your way left. When you've removes all the keys, soak them and the keyboard in warm soapy water. After a good long soak, pull everything out of the water and allow to dry completely. (This is very important!) the keyboard itself will take quite some time to dry out and may need the assistance of a hair dryer of fan

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