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Huami's First New TWS Headset Has More Special Designs

Today, Huang Wang, founder and CEO of huami technology, confirmed on his microblog that huami technology will launch amazfit's first new TWS headset equipped with heart rate sensor on CES 2020.

Huang wangfa said on his microblog: "After seeing the posters of our CES press conference, many media speculated that huami would send headphones and running shoes this time. This time, there is indeed a TWS headphone. Our vision is to build a global healthy ecology, so we have done a lot of interesting exploration on the headphones from this perspective, such as equipped with a heart rate sensor. You can look forward to it. There are no shoes, but there will be products closely related to shoes Product release. "

It is reported that on January 7 local time, huami technology will hold amafit global new product launch in Las Vegas.

It is understood that amazfit's first true wireless headset integrates software and applications into a series of health, sports and entertainment scenes. Users can experience sound insulation and noise reduction, health monitoring and more special designs through the headset.

Huang Wang believes that wearable devices are the foundation and building a wearable ecosystem is the trend. Entering the headset category after smart watches and smart bracelets is also a key step taken by huami in the field of health.

Earphone is a product closest to ordinary users except smart watches. It is an important part of expanding the application scenarios of intelligent wearable devices.

In addition to watches and headphones, Huang Wang also revealed that the press conference will release a new fitness category, "without shoes, there will be a product release closely related to shoes".

Huami's First New TWS Headset Has More Special Designs 1

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