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Ice Leopard Vulcan Aimo 120 Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation, Feel and Use Experience Are Very Satisfa

For the ice leopard brand, I believe that most players' impressions of it are mostly mouse and headset products with comfortable feel and excellent appearance, and there are relatively few opportunities for exposure and discussion in terms of mechanical keyboard. Of course, as the top peripheral brands in Germany, ice leopard's attainments in mechanical keyboard are actually quite high. Recently, a new high-end mechanical keyboard product has been launched, which is the Vulcan Aimo 120 we want to talk about today.

Vulcan Aimo 120, priced at 1199 yuan, is a high-end product in the ice leopard keyboard product line. Such a price will face the flagship products of major peripheral manufacturers. Does ice leopard's Vulcan have enough strength to stand out?

Vulcan Aimo 120 adopts a full key layout and has a complete keypad area and function keys. The overall appearance adopts a quite strong design style, which is consistent with the consistent concise and strong painting style of ice leopard. The full key non impact function will not be absent in this level of products.

An original magnetic suction palm rest is also included in the package, which can avoid the fatigue caused by long-time input.

The palm rest is made of engineering plastic, which is relatively hard to touch and dry.

The thickness of the keyboard is relatively thin. In order to improve the input experience, you can open the support foot to adjust the use angle.

The support foot adopts a single section design, which provides only one support.

It can be seen that several additional function keys are prepared in the upper right corner of Vulcan Aimo 120. Through the combination of keys and knobs, you can quickly control the sound in time. Six macro keys that can be realized by FN combination keys are prepared in the edit keypad on the right, which can realize fast macro call.

The outer panel of the keyboard is made of anodized aluminum and CNC, which is very exquisite. It not only guarantees the strength of the keyboard, but also improves the overall appearance performance to a certain extent.

It is a small pity that the design of bond wire separation is not introduced.

The ABS material key cap adopts ultra-thin design, which has two advantages. First, it reduces the weight of the key cap by 50% and improves the response time of the key. Second, it can avoid blocking the RGB backlight as much as possible to achieve equivalent maximization.

Thin key cap has better lighting effect

New self-developed Titan shaft

In terms of axis body, Titan tea axis independently developed by ice leopard is adopted. According to the official data, the trigger stroke is 1.8mm and the total key stroke length is 3,6mm.

Through the optimization of metal contacts, Vulcan's Titan tea axis can achieve a response speed of 20% faster than the traditional cherry axis, and the response time is only 4ms, which is very important in the e-sports arena.

In terms of subjective feeling, Titan tea axis is mainly solid and smooth in hand feeling, which is much better than TTC or Logitech romer-g. the obvious difference between Titan tea axis and cherry tea axis is that the paragraph feeling is slightly weaker.

Cool Aimo lighting system

Ice leopard has prepared an independent 16.8 million color RGB backlight for Vulcan 120 and is equipped with a light control system called Aimo (Aimo).

In terms of lighting effect, the addition of ultra-thin key cap allows more lights to be scattered to the surrounding area without being blocked, so that a larger area can be illuminated by lights.

At the same time, if viewed from the side, the crystal clear shaft body is more exquisite without the shielding of the key cap.

software kit

The swarm software provided by ice leopard provides rich functional options. It should be noted that since the server is in Germany, some scientific and technological means are needed to realize the network connection with the server.

Rich macro settings and FN shortcut keys can achieve many functions, especially in role-playing online games, the release of combination skills will be quite convenient and efficient.

Of course, the most important thing is the lighting system. At present, three lighting control protocols including Aimo, talk FX and alien FX are supported. In other words, in addition to the control software of ice leopard, you can also use the lighting control of alien notebook and host to realize the whole lighting synchronization. Of course, it would be better if there were Rog aura sync, which supports a wider range.

If you choose Aimo mode, there are a lot of dynamic effects to choose from.

Partial effect display


The first impression of the ice leopard Vulcan 120 Aimo is the high appearance value brought by the capable and clean appearance design and RGB lamp effect. If we have an in-depth understanding, we are very satisfied with all kinds of original designs and the excellent hand feel and use experience brought by the new Titan axis. Such a keyboard product is believed to be a rare exception in the design trend of increasing "taste" of high-end E-sports keyboard. There is no doubt that the price of 1199 yuan is not low, but it is definitely worth the ticket price.

Ice Leopard Vulcan Aimo 120 Mechanical Keyboard Evaluation, Feel and Use Experience Are Very Satisfa 1

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