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Should I Buy a Mechanical Keyboard Or an Apple Keyboard?

The only thing worse than having a product made by Apple (some factory in China) is having rectum cancer, enough said

Should I Buy a Mechanical Keyboard Or an Apple Keyboard? 1

1. Laptop keyboard not working, how to enable wifi using usb keyboard (or remap the laptops FN key to a key on the usb keyboard)

I realise this is an old post but my answer might help others. I broke my keyboard and use a usb keyboard now. The problem I had was that the wifi toggle was last 'off' before the keyboard stopped working. I fixed the problem by going into the bios (I had to pres ESC and then F10 on my laptop but it depend on what computer you have). I then pressed F9 to reset the values to default. F10 to exit and save. This set the switch back to the default postion of on and now my problem is fixed! Took months for me to work out this relatively simple solution.

2. How to teach yourself keyboard?


Should I Buy a Mechanical Keyboard Or an Apple Keyboard? 2

3. Internal keyboard QWERTY; External Keyboard Dvorak

The common solution to this problem is to have the external keyboard emulate a standard layout (e.g. if you have an external Dvorak keyboard, it is seen as a Qwerty layout by the host OS). In the mechanical keyboard hobby community where keyboards are often programmable, this is the norm.

4. how to make hearts on keyboard?

5. What's a good brand to buy in a laptop?

Right, you said battery life as long as possible. In that case I would not recommend a MacBook Pro, the battery life is kind of poor. Apple states that it gives up to 5 hours of battery life, which I find it funny, you have to put your screen on lowest bright tune (etc etc), and keyboard light off. So, in full it gives about 3 hours. Instead maybe Ill recommend you a laptop any which has a 8 cell battery which does not stick out. Itll probably be small

6. Word for the sound of keyboard typing

For your consideration, I submit RattleRattle indicates that it's a rapid series of noises.The sound of my keyboard while typing this answer is actually remarkably similar to my example quote.Alternately Tapping which indicates a more deliberate sound and suggests a more circumspect user.

7. why computer keyboard is shuffled!?

Keyboards adopted the key lay outs on typewriters and typewriters seems have problems then if using the alphabetical layout which has constant jamming that is why a person named Qwerty developed/designed a key layout which does not jam and It is being presently used.. Check out the word qwerty in your keyboard...

8. Is the Keyboard the same thing as a piano?

A piano has a lot more keys than keyboards, so they have a lot more notes and octave ranges it can play

9. Spilled water on laptop keyboard?

I would put a fan on it when its upside down and leat it running all night, should be fine water is much better then pop with sugars and such

10. Is there a button on the keyboard that does nothing?

F7 - F10 rarely do anything. Or you can try Win[key].Opera, for some inexplicable reason, uses F8 by default for selecting the address bar (every other browser and file manager uses F6). One app (KATE I think) uses F10 for word wrap, so I added this to other apps where possible

11. Change tmux prefix control keyboard shortcut to alt keyboard shortcut

Yes. See for example this link:

12. Kind of a two part question about performing live.?

I have been playing guitar(3 years), singing(my whole life), and have a bit of experience in percussion and keyboard. I play mostly for my church band, where they do not care what you wear(as long as you are dressed modestly). Every once in a while, I perform with a few friends at school or at a local bar or restaurant. As what to wear: anything that fits the genre of music. But do not overdo it. If it modern of 90's rock, jeans and a tee shirt work fine. classic rock, jeans, button up blouse. But overall, people do not really care what you wear, it's all about the music and how you perform. I am not saying do a back flip during a solo, but do not just stand there without a smile on your face. Be confident. The audience will only be as into it as you are. Smile, play with passion, thank the audience for coming to see you tonight. Give a shout out to a friend. Maybe give a bit of background info on the song before you play it. ex. "this song was written by probably the best songwriter in rock history.... blah blah blah. Talk to the crowd. Interact with them. I hope this helps and good luck to you

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