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Sirui Pubg Customized Mechanical Keyboard HD Picture Appreciation

On October 23, Serui and pubg launched a chicken eating limited set, including four products: headset, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad.

The earphone is arctis 5 pubg earphone; The keyboard is apex M750 TKL pubg game keyboard; The mouse is a real 310 pubg game mouse; The mouse pad is GCK pubg Miramar mouse pad.

Previously, we have sent the pictures of rival 310 pubg game mouse and arctis 5 pubg headset. Next, we will send the pictures of apex M750 TKL pubg game keyboard.

Apex M750 TKL pubg game keyboard adopts 87 key design, Sirui red axis, 5000 series aluminum alloy frame body, and supports real-time discipline light reminder in the game.

As a customized keyboard for Jedi survival, it adopts the customized key cap design of the classic elements of the pubg game, and the ASDW direction key is marked with special colors. The symbol key is changed to the symbol marks of the main weapon, auxiliary weapon, pistol, pan, grenade and so on. The price is 129.99 US dollars (about 900 yuan).

Sirui Pubg Customized Mechanical Keyboard HD Picture Appreciation 1

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