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The SErial Killer (Part 4)

A shot in the dark, but...(TL;DR:) Either Wikipedia's founders, CakeMox, or Keys (in that order of probability.)I think that 15 January 2001 is the day Wikipedia was launched (why this is relevant: 151 January 15th, "just above 2000" -> 2001), so you might try to contact one of Wikipedia's launchers.Also, There's the fedora and the special attention to Ask Ubuntu in an earlier question. Wikipedia says that it runs on a "L A M P platform", where the "L" stands for Linux.

So we can try heading to Unix & Linux SE.Continuing on that, One possible suspect is Keys. The doors and the drawer are open, and you're missing keyboard keys. Another suspect is CakeMox. On the Wikipedia page for Wikipedia Day, there are several pictures of cakes lies, and CakeMox is the only U&L user whose name has to do with cake and who actually has posted stuff. But both of them are pretty strainedly connected to the problem. Also, neither are on PSE, and only CakeMox is on Area 51 and is active enough to be someone we might just sort of know (much more active on Server Fault - top 0.99% overall - than U&L).In case that isn't right...other stuff that doesn't seem to point towards anything......include looking up "wikipedia" on any SE, "Wikipedia Day" on any SE, any of the SE's on Wikipedia, or any of the mentioned Linux distros on Wikipedia. And Ubuntu and Fedora seem to have nothing more in common in relation to the problem.

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How to disable all keyboard keys except one (or two)

Partial answer:however the 2 in 1 functionality does not work as the computer cannot detect being flipped between tablet and laptop mode,So there's no software to react on this event. Which means the first step is to find out what hardware produces that event. Which means getting an overview of what hardware there is, and selecting possible candidates.

My intended solution is to write a script that will disable all keyboard keys except the escape key and some other key (possibly right arrow).Quick overview how keyboard processing works under Linux: Key events are picked up by various kernel hardware drivers, and fed into the kernel input layer. This layer maps scan codes (physical keys) into key codes (standardized keys). The kernel keyboard map then maps key codes into key symbols. You can see the output on this layer using evtest on /dev/input/event* device files.On top of that, X (Wayland work similarly) has its own drivers collecting keyboard events, among them the evdev driver, which collects all events from the kernel input layer. It again maps key codes to key symbols.

There are various ways to disable keys temporaliy, the simplest probably is to "grab" the /dev/input/eventX producing them (you can test the effect with evtest --grab), filter them in your own custom program, and forward your two non-disabled keys to a new input device to inject them again into the keyboard processing layers. You will need to know how to write e.g. C programs for this solution. You can create new virtual input devices with /dev/uinput, see e.g. here


Clipboard Manager for Windows that allows one paste of all items in one fell swoop

Seems like Clipboard Master fits your requirementIn contrast to Windows, Clipboard Master features a multi-clipboard that allows you to access previously copied entries. Clipboard Master stores up to 10,000 entries.Text, images, files and folders that you copy in Windows or a Windows program are automatically added to the Clipboard Master multi-clipboard. The newest entry is always added to the top of the list in the multi-clipboard.Example: You have to paste multiple cells form Excel into a Word document. Use Clipboard Master to simply copy the cells from Excel one after the other and then switch to Word. You can then paste the copied text all at once. In doing so, you can select whether the text should be pasted separately by blank space, tab, new line or another character.Or you run across a recipe collection in the Internet and would like to send links to certain recipes to an acquaintance via email. Use Clipboard Master to copy the links of the recipes one after another and then paste them in the desired order in your email program. In contrast to the Windows clipboard, you do not have to constantly switch between the browser and your email program; instead you can first "collect" all of the links and then paste them into your email in a single second step.Overview of the "Multi-Clipboard" Feature:https://www.


com/features/features-tour/multi-clipboard.html...Paste content into any Windows program

htmlYou can also paste all items in Ditto clip with the following steps


Keyboards plugged to one computer have different failing rows of keys, but work perfectly fine on any other computer

now this is hard. i think it has got to be the software/drivers on your computer. plug in one of your keyboards, then right click my computer (or This PC) and choose 'manage' you will need administrator privileges. on the left collumn, click on 'device manager'. then on the right, right click 'keyboard and choose 'scan for hardware changes'. if nothing shows up (except for the plug and play window that pops up and then disappear after it finishes), expand 'keyboard' . look for the keyboard you are having issues with. then right click it and choose 'properties'. in the 'drivers' tab of the new window, look for 'roll back driver'. press it and wait for windows to roll back to a previous version of the driver. you might have to restart your computer. if the 'roll back driver' box is greyed out, it means that your computer doesn't have a previous version of the keyboard's driver to roll back to. in that case (or if rolling back driver didn't help you), click on 'update driver' you might not need to restart your computer but i am not sure. see if that helps you. try doing this for both keyboards. if you don't know which driver is your keyboard's, or encounter any problem, or that what i told didn't help you, take a screenshot (how to take screenshot: https://www.



xml if you are on a laptop, you will need to hold the fn key while pressing 'prt sc'-print screen or home) and post it in the comment to this reply


Adding a keyboard shortcut to the compile process in TeXnicCenter

Also with the recently published version 2.0 beta 1 of TeXnicCenter the simple, but unsatisfactory answer is:No, there is no solution inside of TeXnicCenter.Nevertheless some ideas:Was always suggested by percusse: Use SumatraPDF. It supports DDE commands, cf. DDE commands for SumatraPDF. It has a presentation mode with Ctrl L and a fullscreen modus with Ctrl Shift L or F11. See, if one of them fits your favorite read mode of Adobe Reader. This program reloads the PDF itself, no need for closing.

In the rare cases, if you are really in need of opening a PDF file in Adobe Reader, you can do this from the File menu in SumatraPDF, and it will be redirected to the same active page. (Also, if you installed other PDF readers, you can open the file in these from this menu.)Use PDF-XChange Viewer. It has a very similar read mode (key F11). PDF-XChange Viewer does not support DDE commands, but command line arguments instead, one is for closing. For this see in the manual file available as separate download, but included in the installer version.

If you really need to open a PDF file in Adobe Reader, you can do this from a symbol inside of PDF-XChange Viewer, and again it will be redirected to the same active page. The read mode is remembered by the program also after closing.Use a program like AutoHotkey as your PDF Viewer. Of course, then you are yourself responsible for programming the open and close rules for your actual PDF Viewer.


Is a sleeping laptop more likely to be damaged by water than if it were shut down? closed

For instance, if my drink spills on my laptop while it is off, I would expect damage to be minimal once it has been allowed to dry off completely. What about sleep mode? I tend to shut off my computer more often with the objective of being more safe. Should a spill occur, there are more components with power running through them in sleep mode versus off.What you are saying is pretty much a spot on assessment. If your computer is in sleep mode it still has some power running through it. So if water spills, the chances of it shorting something out right away are higher than if the system is shutdown completely.That said, a shutdown machinein and of itselfstill has its own risks. If the laptop has a full charged batter in it, the spit could trigger the power on/off button and start the machine up while liquid is running through the system. This is why many people advise immediately pulling the battery out of a system when a spill happens. Heck, even it was running only on AC power, that power on/off button could still come into play.Also, even if the power on/off button is not triggered, there is a risk of the battery itself being shorted out in the spill. And when that happens, all bets are off.So when all is said and done, a sleeping laptop is slightly more of a risk than a completely shutdown laptop. But a completely shutdown laptop is still at risk if it still has a charged battery installed.


How can I restore lost AltGr keyboard entry functions?

There are some configuration files in /.config/xfce4/ related to keyboard configuration as can be seen from key appearing in them. They work per user, as one can see from their location in the file system. AltGr worked for user gast so I looked for configuration files containing the word key.Since I had a user account a where the keyboard mappings for the AltGr key combinations did not work and I had the gast-account where they worked, I compared the contents of these files to their counterparts.In doing so, I noticed that /home/a/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml was the one which prevented user a to use AltGr key combinations. There was a linein it associating the sceenshooter to the AltGr key. Apparently ISO_Level3_Shift is the name for that key, this name also appeared in the output of xev (as a user with that key functioning). In the counterpiece of .config/xfce4/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml there is no reference to ISO_Level3_Shift.

There also were several other deviations between the two versions of this file. Therefore I copied this file from the user which worked to user a whoes AltGr key combinations did not work.However, this having done, the AltGr-Keys did not work immediately for user a. I had to use the xfce4-keyboard-settings to remove a setting for Tastenkrzel fr die Belegungsnderung (the left drop down selection box): both of these boxes have to indicate a minus sign which apparently means none.

The SErial Killer (Part 4) 1

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