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What Is the Perfect (computer) Mouse?

I love the basic Microsoft Optical 200 mouse. Dirt cheap, quiet, bulletproof. I bought 5 of them so I could have spares. I can not count the number of times the one on my laptop has been knocked on the floor by some cat wanting to lie on the laptop, and it's still ticking along. Amazon. com: Microsoft Optical Mouse 200 for Business - Black: Computers & Accessories

What Is the Perfect (computer) Mouse? 1

1. Is it possible to make your own coverup mouse?

I do not think its possible to make cover up mouse from powder You can make liquid foundation into it though :) I do it all the time, I get pimples and bags under my eyes easy and nothing I buy ever seems to work no matter how good they say they do they all lie So what I do with my foundation is cut the tube in half and put both pieces by my window and leave it for 2-3 days facing upwards, by then considering the room temperature its turned into a mousey-consealer type thing and it covers everything! :) I love it Its good if your short for money too, the foundation I use is only 5 around $8 dollors in your money if your from america, its Rimmle London Stay Matte Foundation and then afterwoods you can use the powder you already have to take away the shine effect and even it out, and all imperfections can no longer be seen :) If you really can not afford it though and you already have liquid foundation then do it with that sure it works just the same :) Other then that I do not think you can make a mouse from powder S: , I wouldnt recommend paint or anything because it would just make your face go stale and hard like you had botox injections or something and lmfao do not use coffee cream, do you wanna smell like sour gone off milk? Good luck haha!

2. Is the baby mouse dead?

Sorry, sometimes baby mice can get into the tiniest places, and your cats found him to play with. There may be some people in your lower flats who had mice at one time and they got loose and are living in the walls between flats! This is quite common - in two instance 1) somebody has a snake and 2) somebody got mice for their children. I am sure that is the last little critter that your cats will bring you to share.

What Is the Perfect (computer) Mouse? 2

3. Found a mouse and...?

First of all, you need to make sure it's not diseased, and if you are planning on keeping it, your local pet store will have rodent food, and if you go to the aquarium section and they will have small rectangular containers that will suit a mouse. Or, just ask a worker about a mouse cage, and the will show you

4. System restore with no mouse or keyboard

If you have a logon password and you can not log into safe mode

5. My Fancy Mouse will not eat!?

packaged mouse food, or even "lab blocks". if you've had him for more than a couple of days and he's still alive, he's eating something. they have very fast metabolisms and starve to death very quickly.

6. what eats a mouse deer?

philippine eagle python

7. Is it a highly trained mouse?

From what I recall, I think it's a mix of real life and cgi, depending on the scene you are watching. In a good portion of the movie I believe they used a train mouse, and for the more complex scenes (liek when the mouse was knocked out if I remember correctly) they used cgi.This is all based on my memory though so I have to references for you.

8. Mouse Droppings in the Bathtub?

Douse the tub in gasoline. Light a match and run!! But, before you run, drop the match. Otherwise it would be pointless

9. How to lure a mouse or a rat?

mice LOVE cheese. Please dont harm the animal tho. if your putting them outside makesure its a good distance from your house or they will just come back in.

10. Could I use a tomcat mouse trap to build a mouse trap car?

sure why not? go for it sounds like a very crafty idea

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