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When Building a Computer Can You Install the OS with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

No, bluetooth and 2.4Ghz (straight forward wireless connection) do no longer look the comparable, the two use specific technologies, bluetooth has customarily a extra helpful insurance and it wont intervene at the same time with your cordless telephone or your wireless router (you likely have any of those). fairly some the instruments available in the marketplace paintings with straight forward batteries (generally 2AA batteries), besides the indisputable fact that a number of them have rechargeable batteries. in case you're making plans to purchase a keyboard/mice ensure that if works with bluetooth and the 1st-fee business enterprise for instantaneous keyboards/mice is Logitech. wish this permits!.

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Can someone tell me how a wireless keyboard and mouse even works?

Hey there friend,

The word "Wireless" is a general statement. It is like saying "People where clothes". There are ALL sorts of "clothes" Dresses, blue jeans, suit and tie, etc. There are different "Wireless" standards.

Right now, the two wireless standards that I see being used in Keyboards and mice are IR (Infra Red) and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is BY FAR the more trendy technology.

It is a short to medium range wireless technologies use to connect devices, not intended as a multi user medium like cell phone or wireless computing.

For more information check out Yes, they work great.



Wireless Mouse for Laptop?

Most these days are plug and play, so no special install needed. Most do need batteries, but there are some that charge in a little stand, so you wouldn't be constantly buying batteries. The last one I bought, a Logitech, turns off after a while, so you had to click any button before it would move your pointer. If a particular feature is important to you, just make sure the mouse you're looking at has it before you buy.

And as far as for your laptop goes, as long as you have the right connection (USB or PS2) on your laptop, you'll be fine. Good luck!


wireless mouse doesnt install or work?

Here are a few things to try.

1. Make sure it is fully charged. Sometimes if the charge is week it wont connect.

2. While it may sound stupid, restart your machine. Windows Vista isn't the greatest and if you had the mouse connected then disconnected plug and play may have gotten jammed up.

3. Reinstall the drivers. You should be able to repair any damaged or missing drivers by reinstalling.

4. If you have any other peripherals connected disconnect them first and try to use the mouse.

5. Last but not least in rare instances wireless device stop working if you are in a high RF area.

Hope one of these work for you.


Will a HP wireless mouse work with a Dell inspiron laptop?


If you have a wireless mouse bundle with a mouse and a USB adapter (transceiver), you may simply connect the adapter to the system and you should be able to use it.

If you have a Bluetooth mouse that does not have a transceiver, you may refer to the following link to know how to configure it with the internal Bluetooth of the Dell system: There is yet another type of wireless mouse, that syncs and works with a fixed wireless receiver inside the system (RF). If you have such a mouse, it would only work with a HP system.

Hope this helps.




wireless mouse lag problems,any idea what may be the problem?

is it me or am i answering all the questions in this tab? well... your drivers are up to date but does that mean that you have the right one? also... i have a wireless mouse made by trust and it works on all surfaces, this means that maybe your mouse needs a new mouse pad :P

if the moue is jumping around the screen it may be because of a light interference. try closing your lights and windows and maybe getting a USB port extender thing to put it next to your pad. if it still acts like a mouse gone mad i don't know what else i can do to help.


How do I get my wireless mouse and keyboard to work?

Your wireless mouse and keyboard wont work until you install the driver provided by the manufacturer. Mostly these products will install their drivers by itself since they are basic input device. Just like flash driver we no need to install the driver. However if you did not get this try manually. You have to do this with alternative mouse and keyboard. First connect the hardwares to the computer then your computer will alert you Found New Hardware then you can insert the CD and can install the software. Repeat this for both hardwares. Then you may need to restart your system for perfect run.



Should I get the wireless apple keyboard and wireless mouse or the wired keyboard and wired mouse?

I think a wireless keyboard works very well from my personal expierinace. The keys make a nice sound when pressed and its really portable. Not to mention very thin and sleek. A good investment overall.

But as for a wireless mouse, not so much. I had one for a while. It had a bad connection to the computer and the batteries wore out quickly. It got lost easily and I found it didn't slide as well as a wired mouse. I dont really think it worth the money.

So to awnser your question, get a wireless keyboard but a wired mouse.

PS High five for being a mac person! APPLE RULES!


How do I get my wireless mouse to work?

definite, that's maximum certainly a instantaneous mouse. the belief of a instantaneous mouse is to have freedom of circulate devoid of having tangled in cable. The call may be slightly deceptive by way of fact it infers portability. instantaneous mice do no longer inevitably might desire to be transportable. you will get little transportable instantaneous mice that are designed exceptionally for laptops. You get slightly USB dongle with them which you plug the mouse into to charge and in basic terms pass away putting out the back of your workstation something of the time. i've got blanketed a hyperlink to this style of mouse on ebay


Need a download for my wireless mouse and keyboard.?

if you have already had it hooked up on your computer the drivers should still be in your hard drive. if so plug every thing in got to control panel and choose add hardware. it will automatically look for the desk set and then search for the correct drivers and install them.

if not then go to the realdigital website and got to wireless desk sets and type in your model #. it should give you a list of items find your set and click on it and there should be a driver download for it.

check the bottom of your keyboard or mouse for the website address.


why isnt my optical mouse working?

im not sure if you're taking about a usb mouse for laptop or computer.. for laptops. u just put the USB in.. it's liek a flash drive.. and u push the button under ur mouse and it connects to the USB wirelessly adn u just use it.. for a computer one. you plug in ur USB, install any drivers if necessary, then push the button on the USB cord and the lights will blink or move.

... at that time, you push the button on your wireless mouse and the light on the USB cord will stop moving/blinking and that means it has connected and shoudl work. good luck


Why won't my wireless laser mouse work?

Its not broken but its having problems... uhh then its broken, to why its broken like this? idk... in todays technology, things have the weirdest problems due to the weirdest things... like why is it when my friend comes over and we try to play LAN games it doesn't work but it works with him and everybody else and it works with me and everybody else, but just us 2 are having problems? see its really weird.

.. and theirs no fix.

... why don't you just buy a new mouse? they're really really cheap... although I suggest getting logitech they make really high quality stuff for low prices


Microsoft wireless mouse won't work?

I have a Logitech S510 Wireless Keyboard and experience the same issues. However I discovered that the mouse and sensor needs to have a clear line of sight between each other to work correctly just as the keyboard does.

When I placed my body in between the two and tried to type, it started to make it difficult to type. Just as the mouse had difficult to move. You can place the sensor and keyboard/mouse anywhere facing front but not behind objects.

When I placed it in my bedroom, I placed the sensor on top of the monitor's base, taped it down at the wire behind the sensor, and surfed fine.


I just droped my wireless mouse and now it doesnt work. What should I do?

I believe previous mate. you could desire to have asked in the previous to procure. he's spot on the money bearing directly to the frequencies too. i might reccomend which you purchase a usb growth card as they're quicker then hubs and are much less carriers to fail. Hubs in the event that they fail can wipe any practise you have on the drives which you have related with the aid of your hub. pci growth usb ports are very low priced and somewhat common to locate. quite much as low priced as a hub and allot extra solid. in basic terms verify you purchcase a 2.

0 usb pci usb card.


Why are my mouse and keyboard not working?

Computer tech here......This can be one of a few problems, first, depending on what brand computer you have, try going into the BIOS by hitting the key it tells you on the boot screen. It might be something like the "F2" key. Find the section that shows "keyboard". Make sure that the settings for it is enabled. On some computers, the keyboard setting is usually located in the "Northbridge" section. If it is not listed, hit the key that shows the "Default Settings" and then exit out of the BIOS. Your keyboard should work from there. Hope this helps.


My mouse doesn't work anymore?

Hi there,

Evidently your mouse has stopped working. Possibly a wire inside has come loose since it's retractable that puts more stress on the wiring.

There is no battery in a corded mouse.

I would try another mouse and it will probably work for you.

By the way your link does not work...404 error Page not found.

I also like a mouse better than the touchpad. Purchased two Microsoft wireless mouse (s) that have a very tiny transmitter at Walmart. Believe they cost about $ 20- and both work "plug and play" the one battery lasts about 6 months or so.

Logitech makes similar ones.

Hope this helps,



How can I extend the range of a wireless usb mouse?

Its probably not Bluetooth, I'm pretty sure Bluetooth gets good range.

Also, how far do you need it to go? Its for your computer, right? I don't think I could get anything done if I'm more than 10 feet from my computer.

Anyway, from a physical standpoint, you should be able to increase the range by increasing the power of the transmitter. That will probably fry your circuits, though.

If you really want to be using a mouse that far from your computer, I recommend just getting a better mouse. You're likely to destroy this one with any changes you make, anyone probably would be.


Is this a good wireless mouse?

specific, it is maximum actual a instantaneous mouse. the belief of a instantaneous mouse is to have freedom of circulation with no need tangled in cable. The call would be a splash deceptive because of the fact it infers portability. instantaneous mice do no longer unavoidably could be portable. you will get little portable instantaneous mice that are designed extremely for laptops. You get a splash USB dongle with them which you plug the mouse into to can charge and purely pass away putting out the back of your pc something of the time. i've got blanketed a link to this type of mouse on ebay

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