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Which Is Better a Wireless Mouse Or Regular Mouse?

Wireless are ****. They go through batteries SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast!

Which Is Better a Wireless Mouse Or Regular Mouse? 1

1. how to care for a mouse?

the first thing i would do is get some help cuz u got high a very very stupid thing to do there is nothing fun about it it is just stupidity dont get high your gonna mess your life up

2. Do you have an optical mouse or a plain boring mouse?

well... I do have the laptop mouse and use it most of the time, but when it comes to gaming, or doing something like cropping pics, I use an optical wireless mouse

Which Is Better a Wireless Mouse Or Regular Mouse? 2

3. my riding sears mower with an 18.5 hp Briggs engline starts and runs fine then after about 1/2 hour it dies an?

I have a Toro lawn mower with a 18.5 hp kohler motor which did the same thing. My problem was mouse had built a nest under my motor cover and the engine was overheating and the shutoff switch would kill it. When it cooled it would start then die again once it was overheating. Not sure if this is your problem but that was my problem once.

4. help with my computer mouse?

Check the settings under Start>Settings>Control Panel>Mouse. It will double click if you have it set to single click to open items. Or it may be time for a new mouse

5. Gerbil, Hamster, Mouse, Or Rat?

This is not in your options, but I would say guinea pig. I have two guinea piggies and I absolutely adore them! There names are Milly and Mabel. I spoiled mine and spent about $100 on mine, but you do not need to spend that much. You can get them from rescues and people on craigslist (like I did). Do not get them from a pet store tho because it is common for them to have mites and/or (if u get girls) be pregnant and you might not know it. Here is what you need to know: Food: They eat timothy hay and pellets everyday. Unlimited hay, 1/2 cup of pellets every day (per pig) and veggies and fruits. (Mainly veggies) Oh! And obviously give them water. (everyday) Housing: If you want to spoil yours (like I did) make a C&C cage, (look it up on google) or just a VERY large store bought cage. If u get one from the store, PLEASE, get a BIGGGG one! The biggest you can find!!! And you can use bedding, but it is expensive, or u can use fleece (just search it on youtube) What you need to buy: cage, (possibly bedding) or fleece, timothy hay, igloo house thingy, PLAIN pellets (not mixed), water bottle, food bowl, hay rack, toys, etc. Info.: gp's can not produce vitamin C, so be sure to give them veggies with lots of vitamin C, and they live 5-7 years, and you can always research more stuff.... Please make sure if you decide guinea pigs, you do your research. Please consider them! They are the best rodent pets! (my opinion) They are so sweet and NOT boring. And they are NOT nocturnal so they wont sleep when u want to play with them, and they wont be awake when u sleep. They are fun and nice. They never bite unless you like abuse them or something, or if they are eating food and accidently nibble on your finger. Guinea pigs are amazing...!

6. taking care of a mouse?

Mice are relatively easy to take care of, but you do need to get some things to set up for it! What are you keeping it in at the moment? Many people use aquariums- but this is not adviseable as they can overheat really easily. You are better off with a mouse cage. I love those plastic ones but they can break easily. A cage will also help to air the smell rather than concentrating it around the mouse tank. I line the bottom of the cage with paper based kitty litter- its more expensive but it is much better- it doesnt smell as much, and is safer for your pet- it doesnt have all the dust that clay based litter has which can lead to respitory problems in small pets. You can use all sorts of things as bedding- shredded paper is popular but noisy lol- I like to use rags of clothes I have thrown out. They also enjoy sleeping on hammocks like rats. Old toilet paper rolls are great as toys and tunnels to play in. Mice will eat pretty much anything- they dont need much, either, which is good. I used to feed my rats everything- they enjoy human food- as long as its not getting too fat. It should be alright to feed your mouse gerbil and hamster food- I dont know what is different in it. I used to feed my rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs on the same basic food- which was actually horse food. Bird food is ok for a little bit but I probably wouldnt feed it that permanently. Good luck with it!

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