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Wireless Mouse Program for Damn Small Linux?

Slax has a contemporary kernel to be able to support most wireless playing cards that Linux supports. It is a reside cd however there's an option to put in it to the tough pressure. The major cd is most effective 192 MB and comes with KDE.

Wireless Mouse Program for Damn Small Linux? 1

1. Can I Piggyback a Wireless N router off of a Wireless G router with an ethernet cable?

no the reason it is the same is that most people will never see a difference in speed because most people only brows the web and that is not much traffic try using a video streaming site

2. How .do you tell if your computer has a wireless card? And what is a wireless card?

You mention that you have cable internet. ( or DSL ) The cable company added a cable modem, that provides an Ethernet internet network connection. Ethernet, is a standard network type of connection, and most computers have an ethernet card installed, or on the motherboard. The connector for this looks like a phone jack, except wider. So you can plug one end of the cable modem directly into the back of a PC, and have internet access. If you want to share the internet connection, you need to buy a router. They are cheap, about $35 to $50, and will expand your one Ethernet connection to 4 or more. You can also get a wireless router as well. This is the same, as the other router, but also has transmitting capability, so other PCs nearby 150ft or so, can also receive the signal without having to run the Ethernet cable. However, even if you only have one PC, you should get a router, because this adds an extra layer of security to your internet connection. See the description below. Some laptops have the wireless hardware installed inside, or you can add the wireless card in one of the PCMCIA slots on the side. PCs probably dont have wireless built in, but can be added by installing a card inside the PC, with an antenna which attaches externally. These cards also only cost $15 to $40. Go to the store and get D-Link. Its an ok brand. Everyone has their favorites. Just be sure to change the admin userid, and password as listed below. ( they all ship with the same password ; ( Ethernet: 1. Ethernet, from your laptop/pc to a local broadband router. ( adding a router, or wireless router to your home broadband connection is the best security measure you can take for your money, just be sure to re-set the admin userid and password, and enable encryption on wireless routers) If you dont have an Ethernet port on your laptop, you can get a PCMCIA add on card, or better, one that plugs into a USB port. Cost $15 to $20 2. Wireless broadband "wifi", need a wireless card(some are built in to laptops $15 to $35). Can connect to any local hot spot ( home wifi, unsecured neighbor, Cafe, bookstore etc ). 1. Ethernet, Most laptops have a built in ethernet port, which looks like a phone jack but is wider. This can be plugged directly into a router if the house has DSL/CABLE router to the internet. If the router is already working, then just plug in, then poof you are connected. 2. Wi-Fi: Wireless PCMCIA card, This is a small thick credit card sized interface that can be plugged into the side of your Laptop in a PCMCIA slot. ( usually two slots for this type of card). There are several different types. The common wireless PCMCIA card supporting various wireless 802.11x protocols is used to connect to local hot spots. A hot spot, is a location where wireless network connection is available, such as homes with wifi(your wireless router), some coffee shops, hospitols, book stores, drug stores etc. Usually the signal is only good for a about a hundred and fifty feet to your laptop or PC. Wifi: Many people have paid for for DSL(internet) or CABLE TV(internet), connected to a DSL or CABLE modem. The MODEMs are available with standard Ethernet ports, and many also have wireless 802.11x capability. The broad band internet service costs about $35/mo for DSL and $45/mo for cable. It is called "broad band"(wide bandwidth), because of the wide frequency spectrum available. The wider the frequency spectrum available, the more data you can send. Wi-Fi: short range, a few hundered feet or less. Many standards, but most problems have been resolved. It is widely used, and low cost. Widely available at low cost from any PC store. A Security Note: If you use a wireless connection to connect to an unsecured wireless network ( no password required), then anyone can use software "packet sniffer" to monitor and record all or your transmissions. This can be used to quickly hack your laptop and have full access to it, including installing hack software so it can be accessed at a later time ( when ever you are online, anywhere), or quickly download your /mydocuments folder contents etc. It is unlikely that you would be hacked in this way, but is possible. Get all of the updates for your operating system, and install the latest software for (if you use them) chat clients etc. ). Here is a list of other things you can do to save you some grief. 1A Everyone needs to clear their cache . . . . 2A Also checking your XP IE security settings. . . . . 3A Download software to scan and remove advertising, spyware, viruses, key-stroke loggers etc. 4A A router is the best security investment you can make for your dollar, if you are going to get broadband at your home. Clearing the cache and limiting its size is good maintenance. Scanning for spyware may also turn up some problems. Block hacker sites through the security control dialog box. Follow the instructions below to install and use Spybot 1.5 Browser problems are often caused by problems with the cache. 1A First clear your cache. close all IE browser windows, then open only one, and from the menu, select: Tools, Internet Options, in the pop up dialog box, select: Delete Cookies, OK, Note:( if you have IE7 the menu will look slightly different, just click Delete, then go through each of the menus to delete Files, and Cookies. You might also want to delete the other things as well such as History, Form data and saved Passwords). Then in the same dialog box: click Delete Files, and check the box that says " delete all offline content", OK Your hard disk will spin for a bit ( 20 to 40 sec) depending on the size of your cache. Dont worry about that deleting files message, it is just old web pages you visited, nothing worth saving. Go back to the same dialog box, and select: Settings, On the dialog box for this, change the amout of disk space to use to 30MB. Somtimes, this value is set way too high. Also on this dialog box be sure that the check box for: Check for newer versions of stored pages, Automatically or Every visit to the page. This setting can also solve a lot of web page access problems. 2A Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security, The slider for "Internet" should be set to Medium. click the Trusted Sites icon, there probably will not be anything in there. If you find a strange site you dont know, delete it. Only your trusted bank site, or place you know for sure should be in there. Then click on Restricted Sites. The slider should be set to high, and it should be filled with restricted sites populated by your security program. If it is empty, you can download spybot, 3A Spybot 1.5 download updates, select all available updates, download updates, and click imunize, it will show you how may bad products can be blocked, . . . Great, but you need to click imunize "again" at the top. This will fill that restricted sites box so you dont go to a hacker site. Then scan your computer for problems. It will usually find cookies and call them harmful, but it can also turnup key stroke loggers, and other nasty things, and it is free ! Reboot your computer when finished. Get Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.5, it works great, and is free. 4A Get a router, they are cheap, and provide the most protection for the dollar. You can easily pickup a router, or wireless router for $20 to $40. Your computer ( depending on operating system), can have thousands of ports that are accessible through your internet connection. Hackers, simply unleash software to scan each port address looking for a common response. When a response is detected, each important port on your computer is scanned for known vulnerabilities. Your PC may also be advertising your location, which should also be prevented. A router adds an extra layer of addressing to your computer. Adding a router makes your PC invisible unless the correct address information is provided. For example, a burglar can rob your house. But if he cant see your house, he cant see it to rob it. Windows XP SR2 comes with a software firewall, but a router is a hardware firewall. All traffic must originate from behind the firewall/router out to your selected web site, then returned thought the same path. A hacker trying a cold scan, wont see your PC, or ports because they are only one address. This can be gotten around, but will stop the vast majority of web worms, and amateurs. After you get your router, change the default user ID and password. Most routers ship with default admin passwords, and hackers know this. Change the default password, so you cant get your router settings changed in the dead of night. For wireless routers, setup encryption so you are not a open hot spot for every Tom Dick and Harry to use your internet connection to download bad things in your name. May the force be with you....

Wireless Mouse Program for Damn Small Linux? 2

3. is the verizon wireless mobile hotspot unlimited?

Get a 4G adapter instead. the price is almost the same i used to use my iphone to tethering out internet. however the speed is really slow. i believe it is my iphone can not handle all those data. I now use a 4G USB mobile broadband adapter that use the same mobile signal and i got at least double of the speed

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